Saturday, 13 August 2011


Its a lovely day in Leicestershire today and my wife and I are taking the dog to a local dog show. Even though it's the weekend, I will still have a few current jobs on my mind... but in a good way. Visualising how the next project will start to look whilst walking the dog is a regular thing for me. It helps me to hit the road running when I come to either pick up the pencil or mouse.
There might even be the opportunity to hand out a few business cards at the show. The Full Fat Designs brain is always ticking.


Thursday, 11 August 2011

Finding the 'right' people

Advertising for ourselves has reminded me how important it is to target the right people. Sure finding 'cheap' places to advertise is easy, but what's the point if the audience of this source would never be interested in your service or product?

Over the past week we have been listing and un-listing possible advertising leads. We want to maximise our initial advertising spend so we have to get this right.

Hopefully you will see our adverts / promotional items soon... and you will be the 'right' sort of person viewing it.