Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Visiting Small Businesses

Today will be a spent by visiting and phoning small businesses who will hopefully require some graphic or web design. Desford in Leicestershire is my target area today as it is local to the office in Newtown Unthank. By selecting an area each day I plan to visit most areas of Leicestershire to spread the word about Full Fat Designs, and the services offered.

Phoning can get you results, but I find you can often get through to the wrong person and if you catch them during a busy spell, or while they have an important deadline to meet, your message can be missed. So armed with the recent flyers, I find visiting the places and leaving the details, followed by a phone call a week later a much better approach.

Overall I will try to maintain positive throughout the initial client building exercise as I know that its a hard struggle to get people interested in your new business, but with the design quality and services offered I'm sure people will start to hear about Full Fat Designs.